The Secret to Getting Rich

If hard work were the answer to getting rich, then all construction workers would live in mansions.

"Rather than being so ready to jump into action to get the things that you want, we say think them into being; see them, visualize them, and expect them-and they will be. And you will be guided, inspired, or led to the perfect action that will bring about the process that will lead you to that which you seek..." pg 76-77 "The Law of Attraction" by Ether & Jerry Hicks.


There are only so many ways to get rich

You are already rich... if you don't see wealth in your bank account, you only need "allow" it.

Will it come in the form of an inheritance, the lottery or other cash windfall? Well, I suppose that would be nice... but oh so short term. You weren't destined for a one-time windfall that would eventually run out. You were destined for true wealth.... a continuing source of income!!

You already know true wealth won't come from working a job.... right? You can trade your hours for money and get rich only if your hours are worth $1,000 and you're willing to trade 5 hours per day 200 days a year (math equals $1 million per year). Congrats to the latest "The Apprentice" winner. They'll earn $250,000 and probably work 2500 hours during the year... or $100 an hour. No thanks!!!! Not for me, not for you!!!

If you already have money you can invest it to get rich-er... stocks, real estate, etc. But what if you don't have enough money, or enough time to rely on stocks or real estate... or what about the expertise, the comfort level. If these don't feel right, then they are not right for you!

Finally, you can start a business.

Ouch that hurts!! Doesn't it? Is this really the only way? Well, yes. It is!

Not to worry... I know you don't want to open a sandwich shop, or knit mittens and sell them on eBay. You've already tried to brainstorm for the next brilliant idea haven't you? You might even have written a business plan in the past. But who wants to seek funding, hire employees, and... trade hours for money just like a regular job.... until the business took off and you became a millionaire or a Bill Gates Billionaire. No thanks, not me either.

But you do have to build a business. Ask Robert Kiyosaki - his 4 Quadrant concept. Ask Donald Trump. Look at Bill Gates, Ray Kroc, Larry Ellison, Sam Walton. Heck, even the richest investors started and own their own investment firms and are making their money from their hired stock traders. And those stock traders work HARD and LONG hours for their money.

Don't worry... you're already rich. The business is already there. It's just waiting for you. It's set up. It doesn't require long hours. It doesn't ask you to write on your tomb stone "He/she lived life to the fullest... in the office". No, your destiny is an easier path.


The promise of a business

What does a business.... the business that is waiting for you... promise?

It promises to be one you can do from anywhere, at anytime. Some call it a "home based business" because that is one place you can choose to "do" your business. But it's an "everywhere business".

Would you like to "do" your business while on a ski lift to the top of the mountain? Would you like to "do" your business while vacationing in Hawaii? Would you like to "do" your business while visiting family during the holidays?

Would you also like to not do your business at these times too???

You choose when, where, how long. You can "do" it anywhere you choose, any time you choose... even while working at your current job!

"The promise" is that you take what you are already doing, and add this business into it, without needing more time. If you are running around with the kids from soccer game to dance lessons to a hair cut... you have no time. You can't "do" a business.... ahh... but you can. With the business you've brought forth, you can. You can "do" it anywhere you are, where ever you go, whenever you choose.


The business is already paid for...

Your new business does have overhead. You do have to spend money to make money. But don't worry, someone wants to pay you back nearly twice as much as you are going to spend.

Your "overhead" will be $150 to at most $300 every month. That's $5 to $10 per day... can you find $10 per day.... to earn... let's say $1,000 per day? This is being done right now by others who were attracted before you.

But I said "the business is already paid for..." didn't I? In fact, Uncle Sam, or rather the IRS, is going to help you pay for it by giving you tax deductions - even over and above $300 per month. Since this is a business, one that you can do from anywhere at any time, you can move money that you already spend from being non-deductible to deductible.

One CPA says he shows clients how to deduct "an average" of $21,000 per year in this business. If your tax bracket is 28% that is a Federal Tax savings of $5,880... and yet your overhead is going to be less than $3,600 annually. It's as if the IRS is paying you $2,280 per year to start this business.

So, you now see, you need to start a business if you don't already have one - by changing your exemptions in your pay check you can have extra money immediately - your very next paycheck. And if you do already have one business, this can be a second business that can be done every where, at any time, with anyone and everyone.... so that nearly everything you do, and nearly everything you spend, and every where you go, becomes a tax deduction. Uncle Sam wants to pay you to start this business!!


You will need to "do" the business

What do you have to "do"? You need to visualize wealth. You need to attract like minded wealth attractors. You need to not let naysayers distract you. Afterall, isn't that why you aren't already wealthy? All the "can't do" attitudes of the people around you? You need to "allow" them to be as they are. Don't feel sorry for them. They are choosing their own life, their own path, just as you are now choosing your path of wealth.

When you focus on the bad driving of others, you attract more bad drivers and more bad driving experiences. When you focus on the naysayers, you push away the "can do" wealth creating people. When you "allow" the bad driver to cut you off knowing that your path is clearer than it was before he did so, you attract only good driving experiences. When you "allow" the naysayers to say their piece, and politely smile knowing they said something opposite your truth, but not really hearing what they said, not letting it distract you, then you have room to attract wealth.

Now, meditate for 15 minutes. Read on if this concerns you... this is part of your "work" in the business. This is not a blank your mind, focus on your breathing meditation, but rather a focus on enjoying your new wealth with 2 or 3 or 5 of your most positive, favorite, trusted friends, family or colleagues. Some call this "day dreaming"... but this is part of your "work" in this business... so I refer to it as "meditation".

You can also dream up new friends who are positive, fun and joyful people because you will be meeting them soon. Imaging yourself vacationing with them and discussing what fun it is to "do" your business on a pristine beach in Hawaii. Afterall, discussing your business is "doing" it. And therefore, it is a tax write off too :-)

Did you meditate? You now have the freedom to take 15 minutes out to do so, so please do. This type of focused day dreaming will only attract your wealth faster. 15 minutes per day... which is also about the time you need too to "do" your new business.


"Doing" the business: Step #1 & #2

Are you willing to spend your first $150 to $300 to get started? Ahh, you're excited enough to consider it, and you know any real business has some "over head"... and starting ANY business lets you take write offs - and the IRS really rewards you when the overhead is under $300 per month.... but... even if you're excited... you still want and need more information - correct!?

Just know that you will have to spend something.... and "do" something.... to jump in.... to get started... and to allow it so that you can also attract others who are also willing to create wealth with you. You need others who are like-minded.

But since you want more information, I "invite you" - which is Step# 1 - in fact you were invited here - that was Step #1 of a 4-Step process that IS "doing" the business. There are only 4 Steps. Can you "invite" your friends to this site? Or directly to the next site? If you can, that is the hardest "work" of the entire business... it's why you can do it anywhere, everywhere and when ever... in Hawaii, on a Ski Lift, during your commute, while at work, when at the kids' soccer games. Can you "invite"? If you can, you will see the wealth in your bank account very soon.

Step #2 is learning about the business at the following site:

The site itself is Step #2.

You can actually start right now - without even spending your first $150 to $300 - by starting to invite your friends, the ones you visualized about during your Hawaii vacation, to this site, the one you are now on - or even directly to iOnlyNeed2. You see, Step #1 was an invitation to learn how to become wealthy, Step #2 is simply "learning" about the opportunity.

You will learn a lot at iOnlyNeed2 in just 10 minutes of reading. You will then be introduced to a few other sites if you want or need more information. You will even find free online recorded audio tutorials and other tools and resources that will allow you to complete Step #2 - the "learning process" - as fully as you choose. You can be done in a matter of minutes or you can spend hours - it all depends on your informational needs before you are ready to "invite".

Step #3 is spending the $150 to $300 to get your new business off and running. Step #4 is re-visiting Steps #1 thru 3 with your friends who join you.

And your friends, when you invite them (Step #1), will come if they have been attracting wealth to themselves recently... and they will learn (Step #2) if they are able to "allow" wealth ideas in. And they will join (Step #3) if they are truly ready to become wealthy.

But you can not control them... so you "allow" them to choose for themselves. But one thing you will learn, is that you really "onlyneed2" to create wealth. So now visit and choose to learn about your path to wealth and financial freedom through the simplest, easiest business opportunity possible.